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Heather Henson’s personal art is driven by a deep love and respect for the Earth. The Endangered Species Parades are a way of opening discussion about the environmental troubles of our world without negativity; instead, the parades offer a focus on healing, positivity, and the potential for restoration.

Approachable puppets of endangered animals like the manatee, whooping crane, Florida panther, and more interact with spectators. Kites, flags, and costumed dancers and musicians represent the elements, environment, and heartbeat of the planet.

These parades invite spectators to join in the dance of life and celebrate the way we are all interconnected with the animals, plants, and elements that make up our world.

After parades, the IBEX Puppetry crew offers knowledge of puppetry, kiting, positive environmental change, and the way all three intertwine to the public. Interactive musical gardens as well as puppet and kite crafting tables accompany the parades, letting children and adults take home a tangible memory of the event.

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