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                         Heather B. Henson - Founder and President

Los Angeles  Alex U. Griffin - Producer, Handmade Puppet Dreams

                        Pam Severns - Puppet Slam Network Coordinator

New York      Brenna Ross - Producer & General Manager

                        Tsering Choedron - Education Program Coordinator

                        Jessica Simon - Facilities Manager & Programs Associate



Contributing Teammates 

Brooke Rodriguez, Desiree Kane, Tecumseh Ceaser, Davey Jordan, Curtiss Mitchell, Joe Quillsong, Jason Gullo, Aimee Jordan

Board of Directors

Heather Henson (chair), Morgan Jenness, Christine Papalexis, and Elizabeth Richards

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Heather B. Henson

Founder and President

Heather Henson is a contemporary puppet artist whose work promotes harmony and healing for the planet through artistic spectacle and discussion. Backed by a degree from Rhode Island School of Design and studies at CalArts in 2000, Heather created a multi-platform production company entitled IBEX Puppetry to honor the creativity in herself and others.

Los Angeles

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Alex U. Griffin

Producer, Handmade Puppet Dreams

Alex U. Griffin is an award winning cinematographer, photographer and puppeteer based in Los Angeles. He specializes in puppetry films, and recently filmed the all-puppet feature (and HMPD adaption) “Yamasong: March of The Hollows” for Dark Dunes Productions. Alex is also Vice President of the Los Angeles Guild of Puppetry and President of the Puppeteers of America. 

New York


Brenna Ross
Producer & General Manager

Brenna Ross has worked with various institutions focused on the developments of new works including: The 24 Hour Plays, The Eugene O’Neill Theater Center, SPACE on Ryder Farm and IBEX Puppetry. Recent projects include: Harmonious Migrations, Crane: on earth, in sky (IBEX Puppetry), The 24 Hour Plays on Broadway (The 24 Hour Plays), and What a Young Girl Ought to Know (Climate Nexus, Art Rising).


Education Program Coordinator

Tsering, aka Ciren Quzhen, of Lhasa, Tibet, has studied at the American University School of International Service. She is the Education Coordinator for IBEX Puppetry and has co-authored the following Tibetan children's books: A Little Frog and A Crow; Little Shepherd,Little Shepherd, What Are You Doing?; Lhomo Trung Trung and Dhondup.


Jessica Simon
Facilities Manager and Programs Associate

Jessica Simon is a recipient of an UNIMA Citation of Excellence, support from the Jim Henson Foundation, and was selected as an Emerging Artist at the O'Neill National Puppetry Conference, and a Catapult Artist at the Chicago International Puppet Theater Festival. As a fabricator she has worked with The Jim Henson Company, Rick Lyon Puppets, Puppet Kitchen, Furry Puppet Studio, and Transformed Puppet. She previously served as co-curator of Nasty, Brutish & Short Puppetry Cabaret at Links Hall, on the Artistic Direction Committee for Puppet Festival (r)Evolution, and made 3 appearances in the National Puppetry Slam.

Pam Severns

Puppet Slam Network Coordinator

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Pam Severns is a comedian and puppeteer for stage and screen. She is a recipient of the Jim Henson Foundation Grant for her work on stage. Pam's short film, Bunny Love, won Best Film at the 2019 National Puppetry Festival and is available on Amazon Prime.

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