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Supporting health and healing for the planet through artistic spectacle, outreach, and the fine art of puppetry.


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Crane On Earth in Sky

Celebrate the richess of indigenous cultures. 

Crane: On Earth, in Sky is a spectacle of environmental theatre told through immersive rituals and contemporary ceremony that reflects our connectedness with all of creation. Journey along side whooping cranes, as they use waterways for maps during their migration cycle.


As an art-filled interactive experience, indoor kite flying, puppetry, video projections, and life size maps will help tell this story. This experimental narrative will show the potential dangers to a crane’s life, and will celebrate the richness of indigenous cultures around the globe that invoke a spiritual essence in honor of these majestic birds.


Let us be reminded to care for the Earth. 

Heather Henson’s Flight: A Crane’s Story explores nature’s deepest mysteries and the spiritual essence in the cycle of life on Earth through the story of a crane named Awaken. Due to environmental changes brought about by human activity, Awaken’s family left abruptly on their annual journey south. Now orphaned, the young crane must somehow learn to fly and navigate in order to do what her family does naturally: migrate!


This interactive performance uses puppetry, kiting, and music from indigenous North America. Let us be reminded to care for the Earth and for one another. We are all connected in this great circle of life

Panther and crane

A universe of mythical imagery and dreamlike metaphor.

Panther and Crane is a mesmerizing, expressionistic journey through our Earth’s waterways. Soaring puppets, beautiful projections, and fluid movement envelope you in a universe of mythical imagery and dreamlike metaphor. Delve into the world of migrating cranes and pacing panthers as they dance through challenges threatening their way of life.

Panther and Crane is, at its heart, the story of a young crane’s journey of survival through Florida’s ecosystem — its wild places and its sprawling man-made landscapes