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Ajijaak on Turtle Island

A journey of an environmental spectacle. 

Ajijaak’s story puts forward visions from indigenous communities to reach the next generation of storytellers and change-makers. All of our environment is interconnected. Life’s energy burbles throughout all aspects of our world.


Ajijaak on Turtle Island brings community together through puppetry, traditional dances, animations, and kites and reveals the symbiotic relationship between cranes and Native American/Indigenous people, inspiring the next generation of eco-champions. 



Harmonious Migrations has been developed to teach children ages 5-12 about the interconnectivity of the elements in the environment as they relate to crane flyways.


This workshop will illustrate how Native people of North America participate in the same planetary dance as the crane and all creations.

Explore interconnectivity with this hands-on experience! 

educational outreach

Learn about puppetry, through creativity!

Education programs with IBEX Puppetry offer a unique opportunity to learn about puppetry, the intersections between art, ecology, and culture, and to grow through creativity.


Education and outreach programs are offered to diverse groups of all ages, including schools, museums, festivals, and private groups. Each presentation is appropriate for the scheduled age group.

lhamo trung trung

A memorable tale in this one-person show!

Lhamo Trung Trung tells the story of a nomad who encounters a beautiful crane. The story of their friendship becomes a fantastical tale, told through this one-person traveling show with Heather Henson. 


...with The Muppet Movie and Labyrinth!

Comparable to participatory film experiences like The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Heather Henson’s Sing-Alongs provide family-friendly, raucous interactions with the classic films of Heather’s father, Jim Henson.

The IBEX Puppetry Sing-Along crew brings elements of the films to life for the audience via puppetry, kiting, and shadow acting.

Jane henson's


Now re-staged for new tours. 

This  unique theatrical puppetry piece was conceived by the late Jane Henson, co-creator of The Muppets. With puppets built by the Jim Henson Creature Shop and her daughter Heather’s company Ibex Puppetry, they sponsored the “Nativity Story” to tour schools, churches, and theatres. After Jane passed away in 2013, vignettes from the show made up the centerpiece of the CBS TV special hosted by Regis Philbin. This beautiful puppet dramatization of the birth of Jesus is now being re-staged for new tours.

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