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Harmonious Migrations has been developed to teach children ages 5-12 about the interconnectivity of the elements in the environment as they relate to crane flyways. This workshop will illustrate how Native people of North America participate in the same planetary dance as the crane and all creations.

STORYTELLING:  The ancient art of oral storytelling and puppetry are at the core of Harmonious Migrations

INDIGENOUS KNOWLEDGE:  Students are introduced to the  wisdom of the Native American Medicine Wheel, an Indigenous design for living. They will gain knowledge of the Four Directions, four elements, four medicinal herbs, and four stages of life which sustain all living creatures, including Cranes and Humans.

EXPERIENCE: Children will create crane puppets, learn about migrational patterns, journey through the flyway, and learn crane dances, and joyfully connect  this dance among cranes and humans.

EXPLORATION:  Between shows, participants can explore the flyways on their own. They will be able to use their puppet to explore the topography of the land and converse about the importance of preserving the flyways.

LIFEWAYS CREATION STATIONS: The audience will have the opportunity to create the lifeways crafts experienced in the show. These are crafted objects that reflect the community’s connection to the environment - a decorated feather, a medicinal herb pouch, a corn husk doll and a shell necklace (craft tables are unavailable for international presentations).

THE GOAL:  Students will leave with a new understanding of interconnectivity through hands on experience.  They will also leave with a newfound respect for indigenous cultures. 


Harmonious Migrations is science with a conscience and a whole lot of fun!

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